Autocue – iPad Pro 12.9” Prompter

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iPad Pro 12.9” Prompter

Let Autocue turn your iPad Pro into a professional prompter

Autocue offers iPad Pro 12.9” users the opportunity for robust, affordable through-the-lens prompting. A professional iPad Pro Teleprompting solution that is robust enough to support a complete range of full-sized cameras. At 12.9” inches and with increased brightness, the iPad Pro is capable of becoming a prompter with readability to at least 15 feet and Autocue provides the professional hardware solution to facilitate this.

  • Allows users to employ their existing iPad Pro 12.9” instead of spending extra money on a prompting screen.
  • The most flexible and capable iPad Pro solution available.
  • Supports full-sized ENG broadcast and cine cameras with lenses up to a 4.2 mm focal length and diameters of up to Ø300 mm.
  • Fully adjustable, pop-up design, ensures quick and easy mobile production.
  • Package includes QStart software to allow the user to have a dedicated prompter operator, edit swiftly and choose from a wider selection of prompter controllers
  • Optional carry case and controller accessories available to complete professional solution and improve workflow.

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