Litepanels Lykos Bi-Color Flight Kit

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Litepanels Lykos Bi-Color Flight Kit

Litepanels, a premier provider of LED lighting for the broadcast, film, and production industries and a Vitec Videocom brand, is excited to introduce the Lykos Bi-Color Flight Kit – an all-in-one solution perfect for any traveling cinematographer, video producer, or lighting professional.

Applying the latest LED technology and Litepanels’ award-winning engineering, this new kit features the Lykos Bi-Color LED half panel which is a compact, lightweight lighting solution that produces full spectrum lighting for any production.

“Each Lykos LED light offers a similar output to Litepanels original 1×1 (400W Tungsten) yet only requires 23 watts to power,” said Litepanels co-founder Pat Grosswendt. “This unusually low power requirement makes this a truly mobile lighting kit that can be used in a variety applications with a convenient assortment of powering options.”

There are two different kits available:

1. Lykos Bi-Color Flight Kit: Includes 3 Lykos Bi-Color panels, AC adapters with US, EU, UK, and Australia power cables, 3 Nano stands, , 3 ball head shoe mounts, , a soft box, and diffusion gels. The entire kit fits neatly into a Pelican 1510 hard case with custom-foam made from recycled material, wheels and a retractable handle that is FAA rated for carry-on luggage so you can safely transport your lighting from shoot to shoot.

2. Lykos Bi-Color Flight Kit with Battery Bundle: Offers all of the gear mentioned above as well as 3 Anton/Bauer NP-F976 L-Series batteries and 3 L-Series single position chargers, making this kit a true mobile lighting solution.

Each Lykos LED light can be easily used handheld, mounted to a stand, or rigged from its cold shoe mount or 1/4-20 posts. Also, by pairing it with the Litepanels SmartLite app, the optional LYKOS Bluetooth® Dongle allows users to control their LED panels remotely to adjust brightness, color temperature, and more with their Apple handheld device.

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