Remote Analyst Kit

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Bexel Remote Analyst Kit

With thousands of hours of live news coverage, major networks needed a quick and efficient way to easily contribute remote interviews into their broadcasts. Bexel ESS developed a solution by pioneering the design and installation of self-contained, crewless home studios, or Remote Analyst Kits. The innovative systems are permanently installed in the analysts’ homes, allowing them to go on-air immediately when something pertaining to their specialty occurs.

  • Bexel ESS brings cost effective and efficient solutions to broadcasters, helping them gather interview content quickly, with more flexibility, than typical satellite options.
  • Speed to market is crucial in the world of news, and the inhome studios are very effective in delivering breaking news.
  • The analyst kits are permanently installed in the commentator’s homes and connected to a private or public IP network, removing the need for satellite transmission.
  • Cameras and lighting can be controlled remotely from any location.


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