DP7-PRO High Bright

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DP7-PRO High Bright

The DP7-PRO High Bright Field Monitor features a 1500 nit, 720p IPS LCD which is 3x brighter than traditional LCD displays. Having a screen this bright makes it easy to monitor outdoors—especially if the camera operator is unable to utilize a sun hood.

  • Outdoor Use. The DP7-PRO High Bright features a 1500 nit display, which allows videographers to view footage clearly and accurately when operating outdoors.
  • Complete color control via 3D LUTs. In addition to many camera specific presets for REC 709, the DP7-PRO is able to detect and display your custom 3D LUTs from any color grading application, allowing you to view a graded image in real time.
  • Work faster with Smart Keys. The DP7-PRO Field Monitor allows operators to assign up to 24 functions to “Smart Keys” for instant access. This prevents the need to enter the menu system, saving time & sanity. Detailed customization of features assigned to Smart Keys is accessed with an intuitive press-and-hold operation.
  • The X-Port factor. The DP7-PRO High Bright and OLED Field Monitors have a discreet expansion port on the back that allows for clean, bulk-free integration with accessories such as the Paralinx Wire-less Dock.

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